Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Fatoumatta's Compound

Lauren and Fatoumatta

Wandifa in his new Arsenal shirt!

Let the braiding commence!

We had lunch cooked for us - chicken domoda.

Wandifa decided he wanted to have a go at hair braiding.

Mo Lamin wouldn't let Dan carry the cool bag!

Visit to Nuha's compound

Waiting for Nuha - finally a chance to show my skills!

Playing catch.

Lauren and I with our sponsor child - Nuha

Giving Nuha his presents.

Nuha in his new clothes!

The whole family

Lauren and Mo Lamin

Best friends


Sponge painting sea creatures for the display

Labeling parts of the human body

Reading the book of the week - The rainbow fish!

Putting the finishing touches to the display.

Some beautifully decorated rainbow fish.

Class photo with Nursery 2

Masks that have been finger painted.

Demonstrating the sack race!

The beanbag race

The very difficult three legged race!

Kings Kids Academy

Sewing with hessien

More sewing!

A finished flower!! Made by sewing felt onto hessien.

Making Mosaic Letters

Admiring some beautiful letters!

Under, Over!!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Our last few days! - storms, rain and no connection have prevented us from doing this sooner!

Our last day at KMJ, sports day! We started with nursery 3 who were very excitied and all wearing their PE kits! We split them into 2 teams and set them up as relay races - although this was much harder to do than you think!! We started with the bean bag race - they needed lots of encouragement to actually race! This was followed by the egg and spoon race with some very careful runners. The boys were much more cautious than the girls. This was followed by a running relay race and finally the sack race!!!!!! The children absolutely loved this race and needed no encouragment. We promise there will be pictures up tomorrow (wednesday). The pictures are brilliant. We said goodbye to Nursery 3 and moved to Nursery 2.

Again in Nursery 2, more orgainsed teams(!), we did the bean bag race, egg and spoon race and introduced the three legged race. The children thought our demonstration for the three legged race was hilarious - they were also higly amused watching each other. Some children got the concept of this race, however some needed an escort (ready to catch!) yet all managed to stay on their two legs of should we say three. The last race was the scak race - again very well enjoyed. We left the sports equipment with the teacher to use again. The promised they would use all resoucres given to them to maxium effect. They also said they had learnt alot from us anbd we have learnt alot from the children and teachers.

In the evening we met up with Linda, who works in The Gambia, to learn more abou the Gambian curriculum in lower basic, roughly equivalent to English primary schools. We learnt such a lot and have a broad understanding of how the curriculum works in The Gambia. Our evening was finished with possibly the best Pizza in the Gambia. We went to Sene-Gambia, Paradios Pizza!

Today we went to visit the little boy we sponsor. His name is Nuha. He goes to a nursery school in Jambanjelly, near to his home. As usual Wandifa did a fabulous job of pointing out interesting aspects of Gambian life. As this is Dan's first visit to a more rural area this was particularly interesting. We got to go to Wandif's brothers compound to see the goats! Wandifa insisted we took photos of the goats new bed to show Pippa! Unfortunately his brother was out so we only got to meet the goats! We arrived at Nuhas compound to lots of smiling faces. One minor problem, Nuha had gone to play hunting for the day. Luckily his father went to find him on his bike. Wandifa suggested we send out the search and rescue dogs, like in the police programmes. While we waited, Dan finally got to play football and Lauren played catch with the girls. Finally Nuha was found and we had a few presents for him (a pair of chelsea shorts and two t-shirts) He was very proud and put them on straight away!! We gave his parents a small goodie bag for the whole family and then took lots of family photos. It was time to head back to spend the rest of the afternoon by the pool, before the storms set in.

Today was Dans big day! His locks have now been braided. We have spent the day at Fatoumatta's compound (this is the girl that Laurens family sponsors) Lauren really enjoyed meeting the family again and had a few presents for them. Fatoumatta and her mum were really happy with their presents. Fatoumatta's mum started to braid Dans hair (which was more painful than he expected!). Half way through the braiding we were treated to lunch - chicken domada, it was lovely (for those who are unsure of what this is, it is chicken with rica and a peanutty sauce.) Afterwards the braiding continued and Wandifa decided to have a go on Laurens hair. Before we knew it, it was 4o'clock and Dans hair was finished! We have had a great day chilling with the family, Yankuba, Wandifa and Abdoulaye. On the way back the two youngest children fell asleep, this matched how we were feeling!

Our last day, we went back to the market to do some last minute bartering. After we left the market we went back to the hotel to relax and enjoy the rest of our last day.

We have had an absolutely fantastic time out here and have learned lots about the Gambian way of life and our own teaching! We want to saay a big thankyou to everyone who has supported us and donated money towards resources. We are really grateful as were the teachers and children who received them. We believe they will be used to their maximum potential. We hope you enjoyed reading the blog. Please, Please, Please, Please look at the blog on wednesday, as we will have added more photos which should bring our blog to life.

Lauren and Dan.

Monday, 4 July 2011

we forgot our notes so pictures today and writing to follow!!!!

Kings Kids Academy - Over, Under!!!!
KMJ - mosaic letters

KMJ - behaviour management!!!!!

KMJ - follow my action!

KMJ - colouring their Rainbow Fish.

DAN'S HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Day 17

Today we were back at KMJ and the minibus was ready and waiting for us!! We started in nursery 3 where the children finished their rainbow fish from yesterday. They stuck sequins to their fish but managed to get them everywhere including their faces. The children also got to fingerpaint a mask each which they seemed to enjoy as it meant getting their fingers dirty! We did a class photo outside in the courtyard and children got to see the display they had helped create.

Next we were in nursery 2. They also decorated their own mask by finger painting. However they were reluctant to get their hands dirty (at first). Soon enough paint was everywhere!! After this we took them outside to do a proper class photo (with a bench and everything!!). We sang lots of songs including heads shoulders knees and toes, and the hokey cokey - they found this very exciting!.

Another great day, the children were much more confident around us! Now we are really excited for our sports day tomorrow!!

Lauren and Dan